Product Extensions

Based on changing business needs and competitive market dynamics, software Development & Software Design companies need to extend their products in order to sustain customer loyalty. GlobalLogic provides its clients with product extension services that append new features and functionality to existing products.

After evaluating the impact of the proposed extension on the existing product and recording the actions to be taken, Yana Software documents and retains this information for permanent knowledge transfer. If Yana Software has provided services such as maintenance or Quality Assurance in previous engagements, detailed information about the software product is already documented in the knowledge repository. In this case, Yana Software can leverage this information, as well as its Distributed Agile Method and open source tools, to quickly add new features to the product.

YANA 's product extension offerings include:
  • Identifying and quickly extending product functionality.
  • Extending product design and scope for cross-platform integration.
  • Extending product for web and smart devices.